RideMax for Disneyland

My travel organization skills aren’t going to win me any awards. I like to fly by the seat of my (our) pants sometimes when we travel. Disneyland was a whole new sort of adventure. Our trip in May had been planned for about 6  months but it was clear that Disney would be a different type of vacation. 

Like many moms, I researched like crazy. One mom recommendation that I came across, but wasnt’ really looking for, was a recommendation to try RideMax.

RideMax is software that  you download onto your computer. It was supposed to tell you which attractions and rides to go on in  Disneyland, in what order to minimize your wait time and maximize efficiency. The data is based on actual wait times being observed at the park 6 days a week. You input what rides you want to go on and it gives you a schedule of what order to do them in. Disney 060

Not being one for strict schedules, I was a bit skeptical but we decided to buy it anyways ($14.99 US for a 3 month subscription www.ridemax.com ).

We visited Disneyland on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We knew the weekends would be busier but were surprised when the RideMax software recommended we be waiting at the park gates at 7:10am. I can’t remember the last time I got up at 6am on a vacation. We decided to try it and were at the park gates bright and early waiting for it to open. The kids were a bit miffed that after the excitement of getting to the gates of Disneyland they had a 45 min wait before it opened up.

Once the gates opened, we followed our pre-assigned RideMax plan. Amazingly, (on a Saturday morning) we didn’t have to wait for any of our rides. The other strange part was being finished all of the rides we wanted to go on by 11am. We decided to go back to our hotel room for a nap (much needed after our 6 am wake up) and then head back to the park after dinner.

We followed this plan for all of our 3 days at Disneyland (and Disney’s California Adventure) and were impressed with how well it worked. This is a definite Disney must-have for a family with young children who want to avoid the notorious Disney line ups.