Edmonton’s Galaxyland for Kids

If you’re planning a trip to Alberta’s capital city with kids you’re in luck. Edmonton, about 3 hours north of Calgary, is home to some great things to do with kids.

My husband had a meeting to attend up in Edmonton so the kids and I decided to tag along. Any time there is a hotel with a pool and the chance to go out for breakfast, the kids are interested. Little did they know we would be going to ‘mini-disneyland’ while we were there.

West Edmonton Mall (North America’s largest shopping/entertainment complex) is huge. My idea of fun on a vacation is not shopping with two 4 year olds, so I was glad to see the Mall had other activities and attractions that the kids were in to. galaxyland

We decided to spend some time at Galaxyland http://www.westedmall.com/play/galaxyland.asp, an indoor amusement park with rides and games. The kids were shocked and what they saw. I really think it was like a mini-disneyland for them. They loved the rides and probably could have ridden that roller coaster all day. Even the old school carousel was a ride that they could have gone on over and  over again.

We are planning our second trip there soon to check out the indoor Water Park!