Seattle Airport for Kids

When we travel I’m always on the lookout for the ‘best kids play area’ in airports. On our last trip through the Seattle Airport, I wasnt’ expecting much. We had a bit of a layover in between Los Angeles and Calgary so we were wandering around to kill some time.

We followed the sounds of happy children and to my amazement found this:


Seattle Airport’s answer to tired and weary travellers!

Bassinets on Board

I should have taken an international flight when my twins were little…well if for no other reason than to enjoy the use of the Airline’s baby bassinets.


I’ve been hearing more and more about babies who have slept almost the entire long haul flight tucked in a cozy bassinet.

Some airlines provide baby bassinets that clip on to the wall in front of your seat. Most in flight bassinets have pretty specific age/weight restrictions (thank goodness) but are designed for infants who like to sleep a lot anyways!


Here are just a few of the airlines that offer Bassinets for weary world travellers (the babies, not mom and dad):
Gulf Air
Korean Air
Singapore Air
Eva Air
Air New Zealand
Cathay Pacific

Unruly Kids?

I was shocked, well maybe just surprised to read that a Trip Advisor survey found that 59% of airline passengers thought that parents who let their kids run wild were the most annoying air passengers Trend Air Etiquette

The parents I talk to are usually so stressed out about trying to keep their kids contained and not bothering other passengers whey they  fly that I wonder who these ‘other’ parents are.

On my last flight with the kids, we had to sit across the aisle from each other instead of in the same row. It was pretty stressful because I wondered how the other passengers that sat next to my children would feel about it. I was also keeping a close eye on exactly who they were sitting next to.

My son (4 years old) is very outgoing and immediately introduced himself to his ‘seat mates’. My daughter (also 4 years old) on the other hand, took one look at the man and woman in her row and said, “No thank you”, and proceeded to walk towards the back of the plane where we had sat last time. I switched with her.

By the end of the flight my son had made a cozy little nest with his head resting on the passenger next to him (I checked with her several times to see if she minded). So cute.

Is it possible that maybe that passenger was screaming inside and wishing that kids were not on her flight? I sure hope not, but after reading this survey….