High Chair or Antique?

I was at a swanky restaurant for lunch the other day (a rare occasion with no children). The meal was wonderful, my crab cake even came with a fresh crab claw positioned on top!

As I looked around the restaurant I noticed that there weren’t any other children around (this must be the power lunch crowd). Then a mother and her toddler arrived to join her husband for lunch. The server wheeled out what I thought was an antique. It turned out to be the Restaurant’s high chair! I don’t think I have seen a high chair that old in years. The mom was delighted when she saw the chair at the table and said, “Oh, they have one!”

I tried to google a picture of it but I think it must have been manufactured, pre-internet days.

Why is it that as parents were are just happy when a restaurant has a high chair? Why, when we are paying designer prices for our meal, do we not expect designer high chairs (or at least ones that conform to today’s safety standards?)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, if only I could change the world…my suggestion in the meantime- take along a ZOOPER Hook Chair. Clean, comfortable, safe and oh so chic!