Family and the City (NYC that is)

Four Seasons Hotel for familiesThinking of planning a trip to the big apple with baby in tow? What better way to experience this fabulous city than by staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York!

This ultra luxury hotel hasn’t forgot about the needs of their smallest guests. Upon request, child size bathrobes will be waiting in your room along with baby shampoo.

Complimentary use of a Diaper Genie and Bottle Warmer will keep everyone in your room happy. Strollers are also available for nap time strolls through central park! 

A bit of a worry wart? Baby-proofed rooms are also offered as part of this family-friendly property. 

While all the other gals are on the Sex and the City tours, you and your family can experience the family-friendly New York we haven’t seen on HBO (well….I guess there were a few shots of Miranda, Brady and her Bugaboo)!

Ciao Baby

There is another new site that is perfect for family travel enthusiasts. Ciao Bambino ( reveiws ‘Family Approved Vacation Properties’ around the world. Written by Aimee O’Shaughnessy, the site is super informative and makes travel abroad look less intimidating.

The site rates locations with 4 different levels of ‘family friendliness’: Baby Ready, Toddler Fun, School Age Action, and Cool for Teens. Most properties are upscale or luxury and one of my family’s favorites made the list: The Jasper Park Lodge. I can personally attest to the family friendliness of this property because we enjoyed our stay with two toddlers!

Check out the listing on this website for the Ac Palacio Del Retiro in Madrid, Spain. Modern design, in a historic building, with cribs and high chairs available?! I’ve officially added it to my list of places I need to stay at, but with all that contemporary design (ie. sharp corners) I will need to pack some extra baby proofing supplies. Totally worth it though!

Truely Family Friendly?

I don’t know about you but I’ve given up on trying to find the cheapest hotel to rest my head when we go traveling. Sure, a bed and a roof over our head was great for pre-kids trips through Europe. But with two toddlers in two,  I want comfort and convenience (at a good price of course!) when looking for a hotel.

That’s why I have been so impressed to find Hotels that actually encourage family travel. The Delta chain (for Canadian Travel is one example of going the extra mile to welcome kids. Several of their properties offer babysitting services (thank you!), socket protectors to baby proof your room, complimentary night lights, story time, and play rooms.

When we venture away from home I am always looking for a good deal, but that doesn’t always mean the lowest price. Those little extras that make it easier traveling with kids hold a lot of value for me! Now all I need to find is a Restaurant that let’s my kids watch Treehouse TV while we eat!