TripAdvisor Forum: Air Travel with Baby

Moms are always looking for advice from other mom’s who have ‘been there’. Have a look at this thread on TripAdvisor’s forum from a mom who recently flew internationally with her little one. Her experience ranged from getting excellent service on one flight to be ignored on the next.

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There are a few good take-aways here about how to prepare for the good, the bad and the ‘ugly’….



Westjet Tablet Rentals

Westjet has always been a family friendly airline but they are keeping up with the times and finding new ways to keep their guests entertained on long flights.

Two friends of mine in the last month have commented on how Westjet is now renting out Tablet computers that are loaded with movies, games and Tv shows.

westjet tablet rentalIt seems some of the new Westjet planes aren’t equipped with live seat back tv’s yet. Instead of hoping their guests will keep themselves entertained, they are providing (for a $5 rental fee) Tablets for use in flight. Typically on longer flights (my friends were on flights from the Dominican Republic and Hawaii to Calgary), these $5 rentals proved invaluable in keeping everybody on board happy.

I recently travelled on United Airlines and Air Canada with the twins and some of the planes had no seat back tv’s and one plane had the old-fashioned drop down screens from the roof of the plane. My children are 9 years old now but they were not tall enough to see over the seat in front of them to watch the screen. That seemed like a good thing because the airline certainly wasn’t showing a family friendly movie.

Kudos to Westjet to addressing the needs of families travelling on their airplanes. For more information about Westjet’s policies and procedures before your next family flight visit their website here.

Disney Cruise with your Baby?

Babies Travel Lite has been the leader in Baby Supply delivery service for many years. They just announced a new partnership with Disney Cruise Lines.

Disney Cruise Ships

Planning a Disney Cruise? Now you can pre-order and have delivered to your room, items like Diapers, Wipes, Formula, Baby Food and more. Imagine all the space you will save in your suitcase. Visit

Babies Travel Lite


Hotel Stays with Baby

Travelling with a baby can present some unique challenges.

When I started travelling with my twins, some of our first trips were to the grandparent’s house in Winnipeg. For the first couple of trips my parents would ask friends for items like a pack n play and toys.

On our first big trip to Hawaii I assumed the hotel would have everything I would need to keep the twins on their nap/sleep schedule. Turns out our hotel didn’t have cribs available and the pack n plays didn’t really meet the safety standards I was used to. We all lost a little sleep on that trip.

When I started One Tiny Suitcase, I knew I wanted to try to provide families with a service that made the transition from home to hotel as seamless as possible so everyone got a good night’s sleep.

That’s why we carry Full Size wooden cribs with 4 inch spring mattresses. We deliver and set up in hotel rooms with comfy 100% cotton Kushies linens included.

GUllIVER hotel

This week we had twins arriving from Edmonton. Two cribs, two happy kids, two well rested parents.

How to keep little hands busy on the plane!

Feeling anxious about taking your very active toddler on an airplane? Here are some inexpensive and simple items to pack in your carry on to keep those little hands busy (and passengers sitting near you happy too!)

-Crayons & colouring book – what kid doesn’t love to colour?

-Stickers and paper to stick stickers on

-Individually gift wrap trinkets/toys from the dollar store – kids love opening presents and this has always been a huge hit with my son!

-Pom Pom game – get some pom poms and an empty margarine container, cut a hole in the top, and let the stuffing game begin!

-Fruit Loops necklace – get some fruit loops and string, and your toddler will have fun making this necklace and eating it too!

Renting toys at your destination is a great way to beat boredom for your child at grandma and grandpas place too! One Tiny Suitcase rents toys suited for all ages.

(Kristina will be guest blogging for us in April & May 2013. As a busy mom of a very active toddler, she knows the ropes of family travel!)

Savvy Mom: Resort Report for Family Travel

One of my favorite sites for all things fabulous is Savvy Mom. This Canadian site is always showing us what is new and interesting for families.

Today Savvy Mom put out their Resort Report, a great family travel resource. I was so pleased to see them reference a service that my family  has used frequently when planning trips,

VRBO or Vacation Rental by Owner is a great website that enables you to seach for private vacation rentals in the destination you will be visiting. We have found vacation rentals to be one of the best ways to enjoy a destination as a family.

Check out the full report at

Calgary Stampede Parade 2010

We have so many visitors this week who arriving for the Calgary Stampede. So far we’ve met moms & babies from Australia, Scotland and Switzerland.

Family Travel at the Calgary Stampede and Parade

A big part of the kick off for the Calgary Stampede is the Parade that happens this Friday July 9, 2010.

Thinking of attending the Calgary Stampede Parade with your little ones? Here are some tips from an article on parades with kids:

Reserve Your Spot Early…. Stake out your spot, and then head home, bringing your family back with you closer to the parade start time.

Pack the Essentials… Keeping food, drinks, and diversions for the kids on hand will help them stay happy for the duration of the parade.

Things to take with you:

  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks, and maybe even lunch, depending on the timing of the parade
  • Cold drinks
  • Sidewalk Chalk (useful for keeping little hands busy while waiting for the parade to start)
  • Bubbles and Bubble Wands (see above)
  • Bags to hold candy the kids collect during the parade
  • Camera

Spray bottle filled with water…Spray the kids, if they get too warm.

Need some extra gear to get you to and from the parade? We recommend the MEC backpack carrier. You can rent one from us at One Tiny Suitcase for $7/day!

Travel Signs

When I embark on a trip I try to prepare for all the possible situations that could come up.

When I travel with my twins, I am usually thinking about bathroom accidents, extra snacks for delayed flights, changes of clothes, etc.

This week my husband and I went on our first child-free vacation in 5 years. I packed all the essentials: bathing suit, sunscreen, good book to read…

Two things I didn’t think I was going to encounter were:

This sign at the Denver Airport:denver airport

This signage on the patio door of my room at the Montelucia resort: “to prevent desert dwellers from entering your room, please keep doors closed”

desert dwellers warning

Travel with kids- new experiences

My 5 yr old learned to snorkel on a recent trip to the Hawaiian islands.

I was amazed when my son jumped right in and was able to figure out how to breath through the snorkel with ease. It is one of my best memories of our family vacation.

5 yr old Snorkleing

New experiences like this, are just one of the reasons I think travelling when the kids are young is so important.

Lots of my customers are young families travelling for the first time as well. We help them with the essential gear they need to get out there and share some new experiences with their own children.

Our MEC backpacks have been used to hike the littlest visitors up Tunnel Mountain in Banff and our Zooper Strollers have explored some of the best views of Johnston’s Canyon.

Where will your next family adventure be?