Family Vacation Critics

I always think the best travel advice comes from a trusted friend. Someone who’s been there, seen it all and is willing to tell the ‘real’ story.

When it comes to travelling with kids I am lucky to be friends with two women who’s husbands are pilots. These families travel a lot and were a great resource for me when we started to travel with our twins. Here’s an interview with my friends that was published in Calgary’s Child Magazine

Family Travel Forums

Family Travel Forums

I came across a new site called Family Vacation Critics that had a great up-to-date forum of families talking about their experiences with family travel. If you don’t have a friend who has travelled with their little one, a forum is a great resource!

Where do you get your best family travel advice from?

A Hybrid for your next vacation?

When planning a family vacation one of the essentials is often a rental car at your final destination. With kids, car seats, luggage and more the city bus just may not cut it.

Your stroller seems pretty environmentally friendly, it is mom-powered.  Well, you may need another mode of transportation when you arrive at your destination. Why not rent a Hybrid car? There are car rental agencies that specialize in providing hybrid vehicles for rent and some that offer some vehicles that run on alternate types of fuel.

EV Rentals  has locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Phoenix, AZ and its newest location in Las Vegas, NV.  Not only will you be helping to save the environment, you will also save some money (reduced gas costs) while on vacation!

Environmentally friendly hybrid-electric cars

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I wanted to let everyone know about a great book that came across my desk this week for traveling with kids. Shelly Rivoli’s book called Travels With Baby ( is on sale right now at

The book covers everything from travel by planes, trains and automobiles (and even cruise ships). Lots of practical advice and recommendations for services to make your vacation family friendly.

Thank you Shelley for including One Tiny Suitcase as one of only 3 Canadian Baby  Equipment Rentals companies with  your seal of approval! Now that you are going to be a famous author, we’ll add you to our list of celebrity clients!