Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Sale

Medela Freestyle breastpumps are on sale in Calgary! They are available for just sale medela freestyle $399. That’s our lowest price ever and one that can’t be beat.

If you are interested in the best personal use breast pump on the market, this is the one. Portable enough to make travelling with your baby a breeze. The battery pack and hands free pumping attachments are genius!

This is one of the best breast pumps on the market according to independent breastpump reviews.

Today’s Parent gave the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump their seal of approval and said,

The Freestyle is truly an on-the-go pumping system, with a rechargeable battery (a rarity among double pumps) and accessories that span everything you could possibly need to pump and safely store milk.

The new packaging includes samples of the Pump n Save milk storage bags, Medela’s tendercare lanolin and their disposable breast pads.

All of Medela’s best breast pumps come with a full 1 year warranty.

Here is another Breast Pump Review that recommends the Medela for working moms:

This breast pump is suitable for working moms who want to have a super portable pump to tote around.

Still not convinced? users gave the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump 4.6/5 * reviews. One Mom had this to say,

Went from Ameda purely yours to freestyle. Thank god I did. My pump time was cut in half and gained an extra 2 ounces.

We provide FREE delivery with all MEDELA Freestyle orders in Calgary. Call now while quantities last! 403-510-2005

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Breast pumps- The new carry on?

I was reading a very interesting article in the New Yorker today  about Breastfeeding, Breast Pumps and Mothers. As a big fan of Pumping (my twins were preemies and pumping enabled me to ‘breastfeed’ them) I thought the article raised a lot of relevant questions.

One Tiny Suitcase ( also received a call from a mother yesterday who was on vacation in the Calgary area and looking to rent a breast pump for an ’emergency’. Last year our business expanded to include Medela Breast Pump rentals We mostly rent outMedela breast pump rentals the Breast Pumps to new Moms in the Calgary area but we have had some travellers request them as well.

So it raised the question of how women travel and pump? I personally know of women who have travelled with their Breast Pumps as part of their carry on luggage and pumped while on the plane, in their hotel, in the car (those car adapters come in handy when you are parking in a parking lot). I used to bring expressed milk with us when we travelled because our flights were pretty short and packed my breast pump.

Medela evens makes the Pump in Style in a backpack format. Good for trekking? I’m not sure but the new Freestyle pump is hands free…