Airline Response- Gate checked stroller damaged

Family air travel with WestjetStroller Rentals in CalgaryI am happy to report that after a wonderful trip to Hawaii and a not so wonderful experience with our gate check stroller arriving in Kauai damaged, I have a resolution after only a few days at home.

In my previous post I told you about how our gate checked stroller had arrived at our destination severely damaged. We tried to repair it so that it could be used on the trip but it was bent beyond repair. After buying an $18 stroller at Walmart, I realized how inconvenient this damaged stroller situation was going to be.

The airline agent at the Kauai airport took pictures of the damages and had us fill out a claim. When we arrived back home in Calgary we were immediately contacted by Central Baggage Services who offered to reimburse us for the replacement value of the stroller. A faxed copy of the receipt for the replacement stroller was all it took!

Amazing experience dealing with this airline. Unfortunate that we had to scramble to replace our stroller in Kauai, but we made the best of it. The Airline did all they could to rectify the situation. All in all, a good experience.

Thank you Westjet.

Peg Perego Skate

On a recent trip home from Los Angles (LAX) I watched intently as a new mom and her Peg Perego SKATE stroller boarded my flight. I was impressed with how flat this new stroller folded down to be gate checked (try taking that on Air Canada).


The mom tried to take on her coordinating Primo Viaggio infant car seat but our flight was full, and since she had not paid for an extra seat for her son, was asked to gate check it as well.

When our flight arrived in Seattle her stroller was waiting for her at the gate, still folded flat and undamaged. She popped it open and was ready to go within minutes.

This was one of the first times I had seen a mom using a Peg Perego SKATE in the travel world. My only other experience with Peg’s newest stroller has been via my Baby Equipment Rental business in Calgary(


A few months ago a new mom called to inquire about renting a stroller from us. She went on to explain that she had purchased a new Peg Perego SKATE stroller and the frame had broke, within weeks of using it for the first time. We loaned her a ROCK STAR baby stroller from our inventory while her stroller was getting repaired.

Today, I received yet another call from a frustrated Calgary mom. Her 4 month old baby was ‘stroller-less’ due to an unfortunate frame break with her Peg Perego SKATE stroller. She was sending it back to the manufacturer and anticipated it taking at least two weeks to get repaired. We rented her one of our PEG PEREGO Aria strollers because it was compatible with her PEG PEREGO Primo Viaggio SIP infant car seats.

Are Calgarians tougher on these new PEG PEREGO strollers or is this a trend/flaw?