Good vs. Awful Hotel Reviews

I usually ready the reviews before we book into a hotel. Last weekend we needed a quick overnight stay in Edmonton, Alberta. I usually check my favorite review site, Trip Advisor ( ) before we go but I thought…”it’s only Edmonton, it’s just a Holiday Inn…” Let’s just say I wasn’t expecting anything rivalling our last stay at the Banff Springs Hotel.

When we arrived it was pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise. The lobby looked brand new, the two quenn beds each had pillows labelled ‘firm’ or ‘soft’, the bathroom was super clean. The pool exceeded my expectatioholidayinnpillowsns too and the kids and I had lots of fun there. At breakfast the next morning (yummy), I said to my husband, “I can’t believe this is a Holiday Inn”.

I felt compelled to write a review on the site I had used so many times to plan my own trip.  

What I didn’t do was check the reviews left by other travellers who had stayed at the Hotel before me. I submitted my review to Trip Advisor and waited for it to be accepted. When it was published I realized that my review was a shining beacon of hope for this battered (see other reviews) hotel

How could a hotel be so good and so bad all at the same time?