Baby’s First Visit: Preparing you and your home for a visit from Grandchildren

Expecting a visit from your new grandchild soon? Baby’s first visit to Grandma and grandpa’s house is a very exciting event. This may be their first visit to your new place or just a long time since you had a “little visitor” in your home. You can prepare for the arrival of your grandchild with a little planning and preparation.


If this is their first trip Mom and Dad are going to welcome all the help they can get. First, find out from them what equipment the baby will need when they stay with you. A Crib, Car Seat, High Chair? These items can easily be rented from a local Baby Equipment Rental company or purchased at a specialty shop. Crib Rentals


Be sure the equipment you get meets all the current safety standards and hasn’t been recalled. Be careful when borrowing equipment from friends. Safety standards are constantly changing and a piece of equipment that looks good, may not meet current standards. Health Canada posts a list of all children’s product recalls online.


A Child’s Car Seat is a crucial piece of equipment these days. If you are installing a car seat into your vehicle, read the owner’s manual to know where the safest location is for the seat and the location of any child seat anchors. By law, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that passengers are buckled up correctly. Mom and Dad will have some experience in installing their own car seat too. Allow some extra time at the airport for them to check it over if you have already installed the seat in your vehicle. Britax Car Seat Rentals

A few days before their arrival you will need to take a look around your home for hazards. Baby-proofing your home requires looking from a baby’s vantage point.

Some of the hot spots in Grandparent’s homes are bed side tables that have medications in them. An easily accessible bed side table with dangerous medications will need to be relocated. Also, have a look in your closet for any dry-cleaning bags that can pose a suffocation hazard. Any small objects that can become a choking hazard should also be moved (marbles, decorative beads, coins, etc.)

safety gate rentalsSafety gates can be installed at doorways or stairways to prevent fall hazards. Baby Proofers and safety experts operate in most major cities and can provide some excellent advice on how to prepare your home for a visit.


Consider taking a basic first aid or CPR course. A lot of the techniques have changed in treating emergencies like a child who is choking. Whether you are taking your first course or a refresher course, you will definitely feel more confident looking after a little one if mom and dad want to sneak out for a night alone.


Travel can be stressful for families with a new baby. By preparing for their visit, you can help to make the visit an enjoyable time for everyone!