Johnston’s Canyon with your Stroller

We were recently hiking in Banff National Park on the Johnston’s Canyon trail. At this time of year the trail is filled with visitors from all over the world. I always love to see which strollers move effortlessly through the crowds and which ones should have been left back on the tour bus.

Johnston’s Canyon is a unique trail. Aside from the fact that at times the trail is a suspended platform over the top of a huge water filled gorge, you can actually take a stroller up to the Lower Falls on an easily accessible path.

There were some interesting strollers being used on the trail when I was there. I saw what looked to be a Japanese version of GRACO. Had it not been for the logo being spelled in Asian characters, I would have thought it was a run of the mill GRACO 4 wheel stroller. It struggled a bit on the trails because it was wide and square. quinny

The one stroller that seemed to have no problems on the trail was one by Quinny.

The Speedi is a 3 wheel jogger but a bit more narrow that most. That made passing it on the pathway easier for on-coming hikers. The child inside looked safe and comfortable with a good view of the scenery.