Martha’s luggage tags

Okay, so on my list of favorite brands (besides Peg Perego, BRITAX, Bugaboo) is Martha Stewart. I love the clean crisp style of ‘everything’ she does.


She sent me an email today (okay it was probably some auto-responder thing) about making your own customized luggage tags. This made me think it would be great to do this with the kids.

When we were at the Maui Ocean Center they gave the kids each their favorite animal shape on a luggage tag. Disney is next on our list- Mickey and Minnie themes?

My parents just left for Barbados the other day and I drove them to the airport. I was surprised to see my dad with brand new very ‘colorful’ luggage. When I questioned why he had selected such a ‘loud’ pattern he said it was to better identify it on the luggage carousel. If only I had received this email from Martha sooner…I could have saved my Mom’s beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg luggage from being seen next to it. A customized luggage tag is so much chic-er!

Maui’s Ocean Center


On the list of ‘touristy must sees’ in Hawaii was the Maui Ocean Center. I have a real love/hate relationship with the creatures in the ocean. Although I think they are beautiful and majestic, I am also really nervous about meeting them in the wild…like while I am swimming! The ocean center was a great way to see these creatures close up!

I was impressed with their assortment of custom “Maui Ocean Center” stroller rentals (might just be a COMBI stroller with the Center’s logo embroidered on the hood). These strollers looked modern, comfortable and safe- a great way to see ‘the ocean’!