Baby by Backpack= Adventure!

Miss the days when the two of you hiked together exploring new areas and adventures?

Now that baby makes three, you don’t have to give up your explorations. Hiking with your little one in a backpack carrier is a great way for you (and them) to see the sights and it leaves your hands free to check a map or use hiking poles.

As part of our Baby Equipment Rental inventory, we carry the Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) backpack carriers. These can be used for children that can sit upright until they are 23kg.

MEC backpack c

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Banff Hiking with Baby

My kids reached a very cool milestone this weekend in Banff.

We have been hiking with our twins since they were 3 months old. We started out by each wearing one of them in a front facing Baby Bjorn carrier. When they got a little bigger we moved them to the MEC baby backpacks. We used our backpacks until the kids were 3 years old!


On Sunday, my husband and I decided that our backs could no longer support 40lbs each. It was finally time to try hiking with the kids without any child carriers.

We had a plan to make the trip ‘up’ pretty relaxed, not trying to get there quickly. We played “I Spy”, stopped for lots of water breaks AND each kid got 1 piggy back ride from me as we got closer to the summit.

When we made it to the top of Tunnell Mountain and looked out over the town of Banff I felt so proud of the kids. My husband and I agreed that we need to keep these family Hikes part of our leisure time together. It was a great experience for all of us!

My desire to get back into hiking was spurred on by a recent post on Savvy Mom’s website Heart Creek Trail is next on my list with the kids!