The Bump gives advice on which breast pump to use

The Bump…..from the creators of the popular wedding site “the knot” have posted a great read on what kind of breast pumps a new mom should look at buying.

The post gives some really clear and concise information on the safety of renting a Hospital Grade Breast Pump from an authorized rental station, like One Tiny Suitcase. These hospital grade pumps are designed for multiple users and never allow the breast milk to contact the machine itself. The machine is the rental component. Each user is required to buy a Double Pumping Kit. This contains all the bottles, tubing and attachments you will need to use the pump. The Kit is brand new and comes factory sealed.

The article also talks about the recent changes to Medical Insurance that might allow you to be reimbursed for some or all of your Hospital Grade Rental!

Renting a Breast Pump

Many of the calls I get about the MEDELA breast pumps we carry are from Moms before their baby has arrived.

Calgary breast pump rentals

A common question is, “Why would I rent a pump and not just buy one?” There are lots of reasons why it makes sense to rent one of the MEDELA Symphony (hospital grade) breast pump. Here are a few:

  • You may only need to pump for the first few weeks while you are learning to breastfeed. A rental is a great way to get you through the first little bit of breastfeeding without investing in a pump if you don’t need one long term.
  • If you are planning to travel and need to be away from your baby for a little bit. A breast pump rental will allow you to keep up your milk supply while you are away.
  • The Hospital Grade Breast Pumps are powerful and reliable. There is a reason why the hospitals bring you a Symphony pump if you need one in the hospital. They are known as being the best!

If you want more information on renting a breast pump or our guaranteed reservation system please visit our website at

Edmonton Mom, Pop & Tots Fair

We are excited about the upcoming Baby Show in Edmonton. The Mom, Pop & Tots Fair is Edmonton’s largest show for families.

Held at Northlands in Edmonton I’ll be looking to visit the booth’s of the Douglas Fir Resort, one of Banff’s best hotels for families. My kids loved the water slides there!

Little Dreambug also has some of the best customizable gifts I’ve seen. We exhibited across from them in Calgary and families were lining up for their stuffies. One of these lady bugs came home with us.

Medela will also have a booth set up at the show. We exclusively carry the Medela Symphony breast pump rentals in our 3 locations and am looking forward to seeing what’s new.

I will also be stopping by the Momstown booth to see what they are offering moms who are looking to connect in their local communities.

Wee Welcome and the Sleep Doula will be presenting a booth together at the show. I’m always interested to see what’s new here.

Medela Breast Pump Rentals

So, the One Tiny Suitcase website ( is almost complete. My goal is to have a video demo for every product we carry so that our customers feel confident about renting equipment.

When it came to the MEDELA breast pump rentals we carry, a demo video just didn’t seem like a good idea….Breast Pumps are a pretty personal product, a demo could be tricky, you get the picture. What I decided to do instead was answer some of the basic questions new moms have about how to operate the breast pump.

I meet lots of new moms and many have never even seen a Breast Pump before. Well, here goes:

Please keep in mind that our MEDELA breast pump rentals include free delivery in Calgary (403-510-2005) & Edmonton (587-784-0212).  We are open 7 days a week and can usually have a pump to you in 24 hours. Delivered by moms for moms!