Kids and Car Sickness

Our latest roadĀ trip (to downtown Calgary and back to the burbs) was a little more eventful when my son unexpectedly came down with a case of the flu.

There is nothing like the panic of your child telling you that you they are going to be sick and not being prepared. I recently read an article written by a mother of triplets about how she stocks every floor of her house and all the family vehicles with ice cream pails filled with vomit supplies.

I am much less prepared. I am notoriously without an extra diaper, wipes, snacks, etc. So, when my son suddenly became nauseous in the middle of rush hour traffic yesterday I was scouring my van for an appropriate item to ‘catch’ it in!


Luckily, my good friend Tara Ramos and creator of Morning Chicness Bags ( had sent me a couple of samples of her creation. These bags (modeled after airline sickness bags) were designed for expectant moms who needed a discreet and chic way to dispose of any morning sickness remnants. I quickly tore open the package and handedĀ  my son a beautiful purple puke bag. When he was finished I closed the fold lock top on the bag and sealed it until we could properly dispose of it. Thank you Tara- you saved the day (and the interior of my van)!

I’ll be packing a couple of these in my carry on bag for our next family trip!