Pack your own pack n play

My husband and I were finally able to get away on our fabulous ‘family-free’ getaway. The kids were enjoying pyjama parties and popcorn with grandma and grandpa while we snuck away for a night on our own.

We splurged and stayed at a really swanky hotel, actually the most expensive hotel in the area. We had heard mixed reviews about the rooms but the amenities were supposed to make up for it, and they did.

When we arrived at the door to our room I was so excited to check out our room. The attendant at check-in described a king size bed, plasma TV, marble bathroom, and more. Upon opening the door we found that it was everything we expected…and more. There was a playpen already set up next to the bed in our room (I felt pangs of guilt and took it as a sign that we should have brought the twins with us for this weekend getaway). We had been very clear with the attendant that this was a child-free stay, so the playpen was obvisouly a mistake.

elfewithhole.jpgelfeinroom.jpgI immediately went over to fold it up and move it outside our room, when I noticed the large hole in the mesh on one side. Upon further inspection I realized that is was a pack n’ play brand that I was unfamiliar with (After some research, I found that it was probably sold at SEARS for $69.99). How is it that a hotel (which shall remain nameless) with such a great reputation would offer guests an out of date, unsafe baby bed? 

Moral of the story, pack your own pack n play….or better yet rent one from a Baby Equipment Rental Company. Most of these companies are owned by moms and aren’t too “big” to know that providing an unsafe product is a huge risk to our customers and our business.