Fetal Doppler Rentals in Winnipeg: Closed as of May 2014

As part of our Grand Opening in Winnipeg we have received a brand new shipment of Fetal Doppler Rentals for this location.

Fetal heart monitors for rent in Winnipeg

We carry top of the line, medical quality fetal dopplers. Our baby doppler rentals include all of the ultrasound gel, instructions and batteries you will need.  The dopplers are sensitive from 9-12 weeks pregnant.

You don’t need a prescription in Canada to rent a fetal doppler but we always encourage our customer to let their doctor or midwife know that they are using one. We often have medical professionals refer their patients to us for our rentals as well.

Renting a fetal doppler is a great way to have some extra reassurance in the early stages of your pregnancy. We also have customers who want to share their pregnancy experience with other children, grandparents and spouses that are working out of town.

Here is what one of our customers said about our Baby Doppler Rentals:

“This was a GREAT tool! It has really kept me calm and worked right away at around 9 weeks. It was high quality and was VERY easy to work and locate the heart beat. I can now feel baby kicking so feel more confident.Thanks so much!!!”


Babymoon Luxury

I have always wanted to stay at a ‘W’ Hotel.

W Hotels (www.whotels.com) are modern, sleek, fabulous looking properties that seem so chic they have long been on my list of “places to stay”. But…that was before I traveled with 3 year old twins in tow. Now I am in search of hotels with water-slides and separate bedrooms.

One regret I do have is never taking a Babymoon (a pre-baby, totally pregnant, getaway). The W Hotels offer a ‘Baby Me’ package that sounds soooooo good. Their welcome package rivals mom-to-be loot bags given away at fancy award shows (including a Skip Hop diaper bag, onesie, magazine subscriptions and more) !

With a menu called ‘womb service’ it will definately feel like you are at a home away from home, but this home has room service with ice cream sundaes!