Renting a Car Seat From the Car Rental Agency vs Baby Equipment Rental Company

Deciding to rent a car seat at your destination on your next vacation is a very personal decision. Some families say they would never do it, others swear by it.

Mother securing her baby in the car seat

Once you’ve made the decision that you will rent a car seat at your destination, you might be wondering ‘where should I rent from?’

Renting from the Car Rental Agency:  


  • HERTZ offers free car seat rentals if you are an AAA member
  • They have a rental fee cap of about $60-$70 per trip


  • Their safety and cleanliness record has not been great as documented by families who have used them
  • Your rental is not guaranteed, seats are not inventoried and rentals are on a first come first served basis

Renting from a Baby Equipment Rental Company Car Seat Rentals


  • As local, small business owners these companies lifeblood is their reputation. Always check on-line reviews when choosing a company.
  • Discounts are offered for long-term and multi-item rentals to make renting affordable


  • Delivery fees may apply for pick up/drop offs at Airport locations
  • If you are brand specific, you may have to do a little research to find out which company rents the type of Car Seat you use at home.¬†top-radianr100-blackmist_angled