How to keep little hands busy on the plane!

Feeling anxious about taking your very active toddler on an airplane? Here are some inexpensive and simple items to pack in your carry on to keep those little hands busy (and passengers sitting near you happy too!)

-Crayons & colouring book – what kid doesn’t love to colour?

-Stickers and paper to stick stickers on

-Individually gift wrap trinkets/toys from the dollar store – kids love opening presents and this has always been a huge hit with my son!

-Pom Pom game – get some pom poms and an empty margarine container, cut a hole in the top, and let the stuffing game begin!

-Fruit Loops necklace – get some fruit loops and string, and your toddler will have fun making this necklace and eating it too!

Renting toys at your destination is a great way to beat boredom for your child at grandma and grandpas place too! One Tiny Suitcase rents toys suited for all ages.

(Kristina will be guest blogging for us in April & May 2013. As a busy mom of a very active toddler, she knows the ropes of family travel!)