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Child watching plane - Baby Travel Tips

These days, most of us are trying hard to get good bang for our buck when we splurge on a vacation.  Calgary and Edmonton offer great value to the 15 million people who visit every year. 

The good deals start at Calgary and Edmonton International Airports, where the luggage carts are FREE.  There’s no need to struggle to find the right change in the right currency. 

Both cities offer value to visitors in terms of transportation.  In Edmonton, kids under 13 ride Transit for FREE when accompanied by a fare-paying adult.  Meanwhile, Calgary Transit has a FREE fare zone.  If your hotel is at one end of downtown and you want to shop at the other end of downtown, just jump on the C-train – for FREE.

Edmonton offers FREE rides on its glass funicular – a glass walled elevator that moves on a rail up and down the steep hill that separates downtown Edmonton from the North Saskatchewan River Valley.  A beautiful and accessible ride!

You can savour some culture for FREE in Calgary.  Check out the Esker Foundation contemporary art gallery or if it’s the first Thursday of the month, you can visit the Glenbow museum for FREE from 5 to 9 pm.

And come summer, you can always count on FREE pancake breakfasts during the Calgary Stampede or during Edmonton’s K-Days. 

At One Tiny Suitcase, we look forward to helping our customers find extra value when they’re travelling.  Some of our baby equipment rent for just $5/day (like baby gates, toy packages, exersaucers, swings, booster seats).    We also provide FREE linens and set-up for our full-size cribs. 

And don’t forget:  You can have a FREE Fisher Price booster seat when you order other baby gear from us. 

We look forward to being of service to you.

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Happy travels!

Stroller for the Snow

Us Canadian mama’s know a lot about using a stroller in the snow.

When my twins were little I used to have a PEG PEREGO Duette stroller that I loaded them into in their snowsuits and trudged through the snowy sidewalks to get groceries or visit friends.

Here is a link to a great discussion by Canadian Mama’s on which strollers they think work best for our snowy streets:

We often have clients looking for short term rentals of an all-terrain stroller. Our favorite is the VALCO stroller:


Calgary Stampede Stroller Rentals

Calgary loves welcoming visitors to the city for the Calgary Stampede.

We get lots of inquiries this year about Stroller Rentals. With all the great activities happening in the city, it can be a lot for ‘little legs’ to keep up with.

We’ve got a full inventory of Stroller rentals including light weight COSATTO strollers, jogging stroller like the VALCO and full size strollers like the PEG PEREGO Uno. These are great options if you want a stroller to get you to and from Stampede.

Stampede Stroller rentals calgary

Want to rent a stroller for just a few hours? The Stampede grounds offer hourly stroller rentals too! The Olympic & Erlton Entries have them as well as just south of Weadickville at Guest Services.

Call us and we can deliver right to your Hotel or Grandma’s house 403-510-2005

RVing made simple

Picture this scenario – you’ve booked your airline tickets to Calgary, and you and your family will be renting an RV for 10 glorious days to tour the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Only your trip has started off on a bad foot when you step off the plane to find out your stroller and baby’s car seat has been damaged during transport. Now what do you do?! Sadly, this has happened to many of our customers who have called us in a panic from the airport looking for a last-minute rental.

RV mountainsSo, we’ve taken our full service guarantee and took it a step further. When booking your reservation with us, let us know where you’ll be picking up your RV and we’ll make sure your rental equipment will be at the RV depot, ready and waiting for you on the day of arrival! Yup, it is really that simple!

For families travelling from overseas, there’s nothing more nerve wracking than wondering how your stroller and car seat is being handled by airport personell, especially if you need to make more than one connecting flight. One Tiny Suitcase makes travelling and renting baby equipment so easy, you’ll want to travel more!

(Kristina will be guest blogging for us in April & May 2013. As a busy mom of a very active toddler, she knows the ropes of family travel!)

Another damaged stroller

Stroller rentals, baby jogger

Over the holiday season we had yet another call from a frantic mom who landed at the airport only to find that the airline had damaged her stroller.

Most of us moms treat our strollers like we do our vehicles. We spend a lot of time researching, test driving and selecting.

This mom chose the Baby Jogger City Elite a stroller that retails for around $500.

When she stepped off her flight to retrieve her stroller (that had been gate checked) she found it had been broken during transit. She called us to rent our Peg Perego Skate stroller until she could get hers repaired.

In the end the airline took responsibility for the damage but with a $200 cap on stroller repairs and all the time and trouble…this customer had lost.

Thinking about renting next time? Call us

Peg Perego reviews

I have been a long time lover of just about everything Peg Perego creates. Talk about brand loyalty.

carseat rentals

The Peg Perego double stroller was my first purchase when I was expecting the twins. That thing was nearly indestructible. When I started by Baby Equipment Rental business, I knew I wanted to continue carrying the Peg Perego brand.

Today, after more than 5 years in business, I continue to add Peg Perego product to my inventory in Calgary, Edmonton & Winnipeg.

One of my favorite sites for Baby Travel Tips also seems to have a love for Peg Perego. Corinne from Have Baby Will Travel posted a review of a Peg Perego travel system that she and her family used for a trip to Quebec.

Love your Peg Perego infant car seat but don’t want to lug it on the plane? Call us– we’ll have one waiting for you!

Stroller Damages

I had an interesting conversation with an Airline Rep the other day. We were talking about Baby Equipment and travel and she explained their policy on stroller damages to me.

This particular (and very popular family friendly) airline had a maximum $250 replacement/repair value foStroller Rentals in Calgary & Edmontonr strollers lost or damaged in transit. At first I thought that sounded generous. More generous than most airlines I have researched (see my previous post Not Responsible for Damage).

Have you seen the price of a good stroller lately? The Uppa Baby retails for $799, Peg Perego Skate $899 and the popular BOB jogging strollers are sold for about $450!


Think twice about trusting your expensive stroller to the luggage handlers at the airport. Not only will you not get replacement value for it, you will be without your precious wheels while the claim is processed!

On a side note, when I spoke with the employees of the Luggage Claims department, they strongly recommended the use of Car Seat bags like this one from Sunshine Kids. They see a lot of people take the wrong car seat home because they are  not labelled like luggage and a lot of damages from Car Seats not packaged safely.

Just a few tips I recently found out after loosing my own luggage on the way home!


Johnston’s Canyon with your Stroller

We were recently hiking in Banff National Park on the Johnston’s Canyon trail. At this time of year the trail is filled with visitors from all over the world. I always love to see which strollers move effortlessly through the crowds and which ones should have been left back on the tour bus.

Johnston’s Canyon is a unique trail. Aside from the fact that at times the trail is a suspended platform over the top of a huge water filled gorge, you can actually take a stroller up to the Lower Falls on an easily accessible path.

There were some interesting strollers being used on the trail when I was there. I saw what looked to be a Japanese version of GRACO. Had it not been for the logo being spelled in Asian characters, I would have thought it was a run of the mill GRACO 4 wheel stroller. It struggled a bit on the trails because it was wide and square. quinny

The one stroller that seemed to have no problems on the trail was one by Quinny.

The Speedi is a 3 wheel jogger but a bit more narrow that most. That made passing it on the pathway easier for on-coming hikers. The child inside looked safe and comfortable with a good view of the scenery.

Peg Perego Skate

On a recent trip home from Los Angles (LAX) I watched intently as a new mom and her Peg Perego SKATE stroller boarded my flight. I was impressed with how flat this new stroller folded down to be gate checked (try taking that on Air Canada).


The mom tried to take on her coordinating Primo Viaggio infant car seat but our flight was full, and since she had not paid for an extra seat for her son, was asked to gate check it as well.

When our flight arrived in Seattle her stroller was waiting for her at the gate, still folded flat and undamaged. She popped it open and was ready to go within minutes.

This was one of the first times I had seen a mom using a Peg Perego SKATE in the travel world. My only other experience with Peg’s newest stroller has been via my Baby Equipment Rental business in Calgary(


A few months ago a new mom called to inquire about renting a stroller from us. She went on to explain that she had purchased a new Peg Perego SKATE stroller and the frame had broke, within weeks of using it for the first time. We loaned her a ROCK STAR baby stroller from our inventory while her stroller was getting repaired.

Today, I received yet another call from a frustrated Calgary mom. Her 4 month old baby was ‘stroller-less’ due to an unfortunate frame break with her Peg Perego SKATE stroller. She was sending it back to the manufacturer and anticipated it taking at least two weeks to get repaired. We rented her one of our PEG PEREGO Aria strollers because it was compatible with her PEG PEREGO Primo Viaggio SIP infant car seats.

Are Calgarians tougher on these new PEG PEREGO strollers or is this a trend/flaw?