Gate Checking Your Stroller

I heard a wild tale today about a new mom, a new stroller and an old Air Canada policy.

I was in my favorite baby store ( in Calgary admiring the new line of Valco lightweight strollers The new Latitude strollers seem like the perfect travel companion- it has lots of the features of the popular Valco T ri Mode but is compact, lightweight and super stylish. latitude

This mom was telling a story about how someone she knew tried to gate check the new Valco Latitude stroller for an Air Canada flight and was actually turned back at the gate by an Air Canada agent. They said that the stroller was too big and did not fit into their stroller policy ( They asked her to return to the check in desk to check the stroller (paying any additional baggage fees).

We all agreed that although Air Canada’s policy is pretty clear on their website, it all depends on who you get on your flight that day. Calling the call center does not seem to guarantee you a clear answer either.

That same mom said she was on a Westjet flight recently where a mom gate checked her Valco Tri-mode (technically a jogging stroller) – no questions asked. tri-mode What has your experience been with these airlines?