I need a Trip Advisor

I am planning two vacations right now. One involves Family Travel, the other totally does not. The trip without the kids is coming up and I am trying to find a fabulous place for us to rest and relax in the Mountains.

Trip Advisor

My new Best Friend in the Travel Biz is Trip Advisor www.tripadvisor.com (and not just because they recommended One Tiny Suitcase in their Banff Family Travel section!) This site has a forum where users can give honest feedback about their experiences with hotel stays. It even ranks hotels in a particular location by popularity.

Now I know about Banff’s new hotel (The Fox) that has become more popular than the Banff Springs Hotel. The Juniper (www.thejuniper.com) looks very cool too, totally not child friendly but very chic.

What I really  need to know is, will I be able to sleep in past 6:30am if there aren’t any kids around or am I just programmed to wake up when they do?