Vacationing with Wildlife

My family and I just got back from a vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I didn’t expect to see as much wildlife as we did but every day there were whales to watch playing in the Bay, Sea Turtles exploring at the beach and birds of all different colors.

Being Canadian my children and I are priveledged to be close to all sorts of wildlife. A trip to Banff National Park (just 1.5 hours away) regularly includes herds of Elk, mountain goats and the occasional Grizzly Bear sighting.

In Hawaii, the kids were enamoured with all the new animal sightings. I was surprised that I had to remind them that animals in the wild are not meant to be disturbed. We came across this guy

Sea Turtle in Hawaiisunning himself on the beach. We had seen so many Sea Turtles that week that the kids walked right up to him and were having a closer look.

Later I saw this sign on a Black Sand beach we visited:

When the kids asked if they could touch the Sea Turtles we were seeing on the beaches and in the water it was a great time to remind them that tourists that visit our part of Canada are asked not to get too close to the wild animals (even in the National Parks) and likewise, we needed to respect the Hawaiian wild animals and their homes.

Hawaii’s abundance of wildlife was a great addition to our beach vacation. We picked up a children’s book about Hawaiian animals for the kids to take back to their classroom to share with the other students!