Car Seats Bad for Canada?

A friend emailed me from Germany today to say that she is on her way home (for good)! She has been jet-setting all over the globe with her husband and her young daughter for the last few years and is finally coming back home to Canada.

She had one question that needed an answer before they made the final preparations for their move. They had recently purchased a ROMER King Plus (made by BRITAX) car seat for their daughter and wanted to know if it could be used in Canada when they arrive.


Unfortunately, it looks like the answer is No. Transport Canada seems to be cracking down on the use of illegal car seats in Canada. I remember about a year ago when there were big warning notices that came out about cross border shopping for car seats.

Transport Canada’s notice included this information: 

“The use of non-compliant child seats may not only jeopardize children’s safety and pose a serious danger to the public, but it may also result in repercussions such as:

* Confiscation of the seat at the border or after it has entered Canada;
* Fines and/or demerit point penalties;
* Reduced or voided insurance coverage for injury or death; and
* Possible criminal charges and/or civil litigation.

Criminal charges? Is that right? I’m definitely an advocate for child safety but I think Transport Canada has to deal with the issue of re-certifying some car seats that enter the country.

I still see more than my share of children in the vehicles who are NOT secured in car seats at all. Could one more ROMER King Plus really be that bad for Canada?