Travel Alberta Tips for Baby Travel

We were thrilled when we were contacted by a writer for Travel Alberta a few weeks ago.

Their Magazine (City Spice) was doing an article on travelling with kids in Alberta. Since opening our second location in Edmonton, I’d say we had a few tips that would be helpful!

Baby Equipment Rentals featured in Travel Alberta mag

Check out the spread in this month’s City Spice Magazine. The article includes information on our Baby Equipment Rentals, some of the gear we carry and even a quote from our One Tiny Suitcase Edmonton location gal on her recent Baby Moon gone awry.

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What to do in a familiar land

I think if I hear the travel term ‘Staycation‘ one more time I am going to get mad. There’s nothing exciting about staying home versus getting away- no matter what you call it. Everyone wants a vacation, an adventure, some down time.

Okay, so I know you can’t afford to travel far and wide all the time and there are some pretty fabulous attractions close to home but let’s call it what it is…”an attraction close to home that will have to do until you get away on that fabulous vacation”.

Looking for some interesting local attractions? If you are in Calgary check out these links:

If you are travelling to another city and looking for some family friendly fun search for your local Baby Equipment Rentals company. They each have some great links on their websites for things to do in that city!

Tourism and Travel Talk

Calgary is preparing for the upcoming Junos (Canadian Music Awards) on April 6.  

Juno Awards
At One Tiny Suitcase, we’re feeling the buzz too. We are looking forward to hosting visitors as a member of Tourism Calgary.

We just posted our latest special offer exclusively on Travel Alberta’s website We are offering Free Airport Delivery during the Junos so that visitors can have car seats, strollers, pack n plays and more waiting for them when they arrive at the airport.

It got me to thinking…do you check out the Travel and Tourism websites of the city you are visiting before you arrive?

Travel Alberta has a great Family Travel section that highlights some of the attractions in the area.

Toronto’s site is really easy to navigate and also posts special offers to family travellers.

I also liked Tourism Vancouver’s site because of it’s section on family and kids

It’s too bad but, Manitoba and Saskatchewan’s sites didn’t seem to have a section that was family travel focused. We get a lot of calls from families travelling to those areas looking for Baby Equipment Rentals.

So, next time you are going to visit relatives in a nearby city, check out the Tourism and Travel websites in the area. You  just might need some activities to keep you busy on a rainy (or snowy) day.