Oahu with kids

I’m writing this week’s blog from Hawaii. My 6 yr old twins are with me and we are staying on the island of Oahu.

Normally Oahu is just a quick stop we make before travelling to other neighboring islands but this time we have decided to make it our vacation destination.

Oahu with kids

The Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of the island of Oahu is where we are staying. We have a beach villa that is just steps away from the beach.

I’m on a multi-generational trip that includes my parents, my sister and brother-in-law as well as their 6 month old son. I love travelling with extended family, we travel together about once a year.

My must have gadgets for this trip have been an IPOD loaded with kid’s tv shows and movies and my TomTom GPS. When we aren’t at the beach or in the swimming pool we are driving around the island exploring. The kids love the IPOD’s loaded with shows and music just for them. I love the GPS because it gets us where we need to go quickly and efficiently.

We are half way through our vacation….more sun reports to come.

Vacationing with Twins

My kids and I were at the wading pool today when I noticed another mom of multiples arrive with her double stroller. Her twins looked to be about 12 months old and it reminded me of the days when I used to try and get around with my twins. A trip to the wading pool was hard enough, vactioning required a lot of planning and patience!


There are some great resources out there for travelling with multiples. I like this article about Traveling with Twins.

One of my favorite clients were a couple traveling to Canmore from Winnipeg. It was their first major trip with their triplets. They were coming to the Rocky Mountains to go skiing and we outfitted their condo with 3 cribs & 3 high chairs. Luckily, they had a pretty spacious condo that could accommodate three babies!

We’ve taken our twins across Canada and through the US. Where do you take your twins and triplets?

Travel times two

I was picking up my 4 year old Twins from preschool yesterday afternoon and wondered why I was sweating trying to get coats, boots and hats on both of them. I looked around and realized that every other mom there was picking up just one child- and I was picking up two. I think sometimes I forget that with Twins there is two of everything and often twice as many things to remember (like running shoes for BOTH of them each day of preschool).

Travelling with twins often reminds me that we our family is a bit ‘different’ or at least has some different needs. I couldn’t fly with the twins by myself until they were two. My husband and I couldn’t sit in the same row on the place with them when they were babies. You can’t wear two Baby Bjorn carriers at the same time (although I serisously considered getting one of those double soft carriers for multiples).

In our travels we have found some neat products that have helped us get around more efficiently. One of oustrollerconnectorsr first investments was a stroller connector for our lightweight strollers http://www.princelionheart.com/site/t_str_6550.html. They were pretty easy to attach when one of us needed to push both kids and detach when we each wanted to take a single stroller.

I saw an awesome video yesterday that made me think things are looking up for traveling with twins. Check out gogobaby’z latest product http://www.gogobabyz.com/product-i14475-c23-Infant_Cruizer_Twins_Adapter_.aspx.


Their infant cruisers allow you to clip your infant car seat onto a base and wheel it wherever you want to go. Go two infant car seats- they now sell an adapter so  you can attach the two infant cruisers together and drive them as one!

Zen and the Art of Travelling with Twins

I loved the title of this article. Traveling with Multiples is quite an accomplishment (especially when they are really little) but the benefits of getting  your kids accustomed to travel early on are great.

The author of this article, Sherry Pardy shares some great tips for Car Travel Trips Twin Travelwith young twins.

The struggle I have with my twins is whether or not to put their car seats right next to each other (helps with passing toys, watching movies, etc.) or keep a reasonable buffer between their seats (to avoid, hitting, pulling, taunting, etc.).

Sherry’s article is on a site called Type-A Mom. www.typeamom.com Very entertaining and informative!