Imaginary Friends Around the World

My son has always had a pretty active imagination. Around Age 3 we started hearing about his ‘friend’ Joshua. Joshua used to live “in the mountains” but seems to be a bit of a Nomad. Lately he has been away visiting South Africa, Kelowna, Calgary. His girlfriend, Penelope seems to come in and out of the picture too.

At first when this imaginary friend cropped up I worried. Was it as a result of loneliness, shyness, etc? As a twin, my son has a ‘built in playmate’ but I think he was getting tired of his sister.

After a quick Google search I learned that imaginary friends are often a sign of children who are very social and that they usually disappear around age 4 or 5.

My favorite explanation for kids with imaginary friends was, “If you could create someone who loved to play with you and did whatever you told them to- wouldn’t you have one?”


I like to think that my son’s active imagination has been fostered by our love of travel and his experiences in new places. We’ve never been to South Africa and I’m not sure where he heard the name Penelope, but I’m just glad he knows there is more to this world than the city we live in. We’re gearing up for our next family trip- this weekend!

Zen and the Art of Travelling with Twins

I loved the title of this article. Traveling with Multiples is quite an accomplishment (especially when they are really little) but the benefits of getting  your kids accustomed to travel early on are great.

The author of this article, Sherry Pardy shares some great tips for Car Travel Trips Twin Travelwith young twins.

The struggle I have with my twins is whether or not to put their car seats right next to each other (helps with passing toys, watching movies, etc.) or keep a reasonable buffer between their seats (to avoid, hitting, pulling, taunting, etc.).

Sherry’s article is on a site called Type-A Mom. Very entertaining and informative!