Disneyland, here we come

So, it’s official…we are going to Disneyland. It all started with Disney’s ‘What will you Celebrate?” campaign. Clever marketing, it got two very uneasy parents to commit to their first family trip to Disney.

Having twins does have it’s advantages- like two birthdays on the same day. With Disney’s promotion the kids will get in free on their birthday and really, what is better than that?

I’ve been scouring a website called Mousesavers (www.mousesavers.com) for tips and tricks on how to navigate Disney. I was disappointed to find out that they search your bags on the way in the gates and that pre-packed lunches might not be permitted. I just can’t imagine eating 3 ‘squares’ a day inside the park.

When we travel, we always have a small cooler packed with drinks, snacks, sandwiches and treats. That cooler has saved us on many occasions when the kids are hungry and we can’t find food fast enough. I wonder how they would feel about a Disney themed lunch bag/cooler?