Grandma, Grandpa, Minnie & Mickey

We’re on the count down to our first Disney vacation. Our last two vacations have included my parents (granny & grandpa to my children). It has been really great travelling with them, but for this trip we are flying solo.


My parents are in their 50’s, pretty active, I never really worry about them being able to ‘keep up with us’ on vacation. I came across an interesting article though, about the perks of taking the grandparents with you to Disney World:

“Looking back on the five days in central Florida, we realized that a three-generation visit to Walt Disney World is an ideal plan. Not only do grandparents get to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren, but there’s usually someone to watch over little ones while parents and older kids enjoy the more challenging rides.”

It might be something to consider…next time!

Big Blue Buggys

We get lots of calls from parents who are traveling to Walt Disney World. The great stroller debate has been on for years. Do you bring your own stroller or rent one a the theme park?

Up until recently I have always encouraged parents to rent a stroller from Disney: it won’t get damaged on route, they are always available, and who wouldn’t love to drive a big blue plastic buggy?

Well, in true Disney fashion, they realized they have a hold on this market. Stroller rental prices have skyrocketed in the last couple of months to the tune of $31 for a double

Can’t you get a compact car rental for around $30/day?

Disney’s Mom Panel

I love websites that include customer feedback, testimonials, forums (see,, ). I always want the ‘behind the scenes details’, the real ‘dirt’ on a product or service. Companies are realizing the need to include experiential data as well. The latest company I found that has jumped on this trend is Disney.

Disney of course does it a little different. Why just sit back and wait for reviews, why not pay for them (well sort of). Disney’s mompanel ( uses advice from 12 moms (actually 11 moms and one dad) to help trip planners really get to know a family’s experience at any of Walt Disney’s Resorts and Theme Parks. Disney calls them ‘independent contractors’ but never mentions if they are actually paid or not.

For me it doesn’t really matter. If I am on the Disney website I am already convinced that I want to take a Disney vacation. The moms on the panel seem to give real hands-on advice. I was so pleased to see them answering questions about whether or not guests should bring their own stroller or rent a Disney stroller on site. I get this question a lot from my customers and I think the panel gave some great advice.

Check it out for yourself and see what you think!