Rentals for baby….worldwide!

The Baby Equipment Rentals business is in a very cool niche market with great people operating businesses all over the world. I am fortunate to have met some of them and keep in touch with operators in the UK, South Africa, USA & Canada.

Most of us started these businesses because we saw an opportunity to service traveling families (just like our own). Cribs, Strollers and Car Seats has evolved into rentals of items like the GoGo Kidz Travelmate ( in Toronto and Vancouver, Bumbo seats ( in South Africa, Bugaboo strollers in LA (, Baby Baths in London ( and MEDELA breastpumps in Calgary (

A new website just launched this week that lists Baby Equipment Rental companies all over the world. Check out

Baby Blogs

I have found a whole new source of information out there on the web that I didn’t really know to look for before. Now that I am deeper into this whole blogging thing, I have realized how many other moms are sharing their experiences via blog.

There are some really cool blogs out there that give first hand information to those of us who are getting ready for some Family Travel.Delicious Baby Blog

Delicious Baby has some great family travel advice, destination guides, and really cute pictures!

WeeWee Travel Travel also has a blog that reviews the latest kid friendly travel gear.

Next time you are out searching, look for some first hand information on a blog!