Parentals- closed in Winnipeg

As a Mompreneur I hate to see local mom based businesses close their doors…

A few years ago a Winnipegger named Karen contacted me for help in setting up her Winnipeg based Baby Equipment Rental business called Parentals. As Winnipeg was my home town, I was happy to hear that the city was finally getting a much needed Baby Equipment Rental service. Karen and I became referral partners and passed business back and forth between Calgary and Winnipeg.

Last year when One Tiny Suitcase expanded to Winnipeg, Karen and I kept in touch and continued referring business to one another even though we were now operating in the same city.

baby gear rentals winnipeg

As with many mom based businesses the strive for a work-life balance is tough. Parentals closed their doors in December of 2011 for personal reasons. One Tiny Suitcase Winnipeg was able to fill the orders that Parentals had already booked so that families could keep their travel and rental plans the same.

We are happy to provide the same level of stress free family travel in the wonderful city of Winnipeg as we do in Edmonton and Calgary. Our Winnipeg office offers the full range of Baby Equipment Rentals including Fetal Dopplers, Medela breast pumps and travel rentals.

Fetal Doppler Rentals in Winnipeg: Closed as of May 2014

As part of our Grand Opening in Winnipeg we have received a brand new shipment of Fetal Doppler Rentals for this location.

Fetal heart monitors for rent in Winnipeg

We carry top of the line, medical quality fetal dopplers. Our baby doppler rentals include all of the ultrasound gel, instructions and batteries you will need.  The dopplers are sensitive from 9-12 weeks pregnant.

You don’t need a prescription in Canada to rent a fetal doppler but we always encourage our customer to let their doctor or midwife know that they are using one. We often have medical professionals refer their patients to us for our rentals as well.

Renting a fetal doppler is a great way to have some extra reassurance in the early stages of your pregnancy. We also have customers who want to share their pregnancy experience with other children, grandparents and spouses that are working out of town.

Here is what one of our customers said about our Baby Doppler Rentals:

“This was a GREAT tool! It has really kept me calm and worked right away at around 9 weeks. It was high quality and was VERY easy to work and locate the heart beat. I can now feel baby kicking so feel more confident.Thanks so much!!!”

Winnipeg Location: Closed as of May 2014

One Tiny Suitcase was started in May 2006. In the last 4 years we seen lots of growth, lots of customers, lots of babies, new moms, new dads, expectant parents, grandmas, etc.

One Tiny Suitcase Winnipeg

After expanding the business to include a location in Edmonton in 2009, we decided to open a 3rd location in Winnipeg (click to see the video) this November.

Winnipeg is my home town and is a great city for families. We’re looking forward to providing Baby Equipment Rentals to our customers who live in and visit the area.